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Websites have become essential for any business nowadays. With the rapid increase in internet usage, an online presence has become very important for any business. With that note, website development has created a huge market all across Los Angeles. Today, there is n number of website designing and development firms that you might find near you. But this also brings you to another challenge as to who to choose.

While website development might seem very easy with all the technologies that are available these days, it still succumbs to be a very important aspect.

Thus, while choosing a web developer and designer, you should be very careful. Before getting into the niche, you should know the basics of web development and design so that you make no wrong choices for yourself. These are the questions that you must know an answer to if you are planning to get a website designed and developed for yourself.

What is website development?

Website development in simple terms is the creation of a web portal across the world wide web. In professional terms, it is described as the part where one writes a code and does the backend work.

What is the difference between website development and designing?

While website development works on creating the code, writing markup, designing is related to the actual design of the website. Web developers do not work on user experience while designers start with the thought of user experience. The first part of any website would be the development of its code and then the design.

What is more important, designing or development?

There is nothing as such the importance of one aspect over the other. Both aspects are equally important. While good web development would provide you with a bug-free website, good design would result in a good user experience hence increasing your popularity amongst the users.

Let’s look at both these aspects individually.

Website Development

So, now that you know what website development is, we can look at it under the microscope. There are two major kinds of website developments.

Frontend Development

The client-side development of a website is generally referred to as front-end web development. It is the process of writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that the user may interact with and utilize the services directly. The constant changes that occur in front-end development are what make it challenging. In the sector, new tools and approaches are constantly being developed. As a result, a developer must continually stay up with the changing sector.
A user needs an easy-to-understand website at all times. The fact that numerous screen resolutions and sizes exist adds to the confusion. All of these factors must be considered by the developer before creating a user-friendly website. For JavaScript code, frontend frameworks give us ready-made templates or structures. Frameworks that are well-known include:

  • Ember
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone

The use of JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, allows us to include the library’s code into the website’s front-end code.

Backend Development

Back-end development is concerned with the server-side components of a website or online application. Website architecture, programming, and database communication are all tasks that the backend is engaged in. The backend code is used to communicate information between the browser and the database. The code that interacts with datasets, libraries, data models, and other components is developed by the developers.

Language and programming for the backend
Object-oriented (OOP) and functional programming languages are the two categories of back-end programming languages. Functional languages have declarative syntax and are quite expressive. They avoid mutable data and write pure methods.
Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, .NET are the popular backend languages.

Website Designing

Website designing is all about making the users happy. The design of your website talks about your brand. It is part of the final product hence plays a very important role. Designing include various aspects like UX, graphics etc. it makes the user comfortable with your website. A well-designed website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly. If your design looks well structured but the user faces multiple problems while navigating from one part to other, your design has flopped. Thus, designers have to make sure that the design not only speaks volumes but helps the user. A well-designed website is also never content heavy. It has the information that the user needs. All extra things are kept behind the curtains.

Website designing also has many types but can majorly be categorised into
Adaptive design
It is the design where a measurement is taken of the framework and design is made according to it.
Responsive Design
Responsive design is a type of design where the design becomes dynamic and changes according to the screen. Dynamic designs are made for websites that operate on both, phones and PCs.

Thus, responsive designs are usually preferred by many clients.

Now, when you know about all the development and design element of a website, you would be able to choose better for your own. One question that might ponder inside your head is, why us? We have several reasons that would make you trust us.

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