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Today in this internet-heavy society, mobile applications have taken a front seat. People are now shifting to smartphones from personal computers. Thus, importance of mobile applications becomes more important in today’s society. So does application development and designing. Today, most of us have mobile phones and are readily using applications more than browsers. Thus, the importance of mobile applications also increases multifold. We download more applications than visiting any website. Thus, mobile application development becomes more important. Let’s understand what does it mean by application development or app development?

To understand the basics of app development, we need to know what is a mobile application or app. A mobile application is software that runs on your mobile phone or tablet. It helps you do various things.

From booking a cab for yourself through uber, sending a text through WhatsApp to buying clothes for yourself from amazon are all examples of application usage.As the new age smartphones have new features like Bluetooth, vibration sensors, GPS, there are various functions that one can use in mobile phones. This makes the development of applications more complex.

Let’s understand this complex process in easy steps. Before thinking of any application development, you would have to go through these basic steps:

  • Having a basic idea about what your app is going to be about – before getting into any technical details, you should first know what your basic idea is. Research about the idea. Is your idea really unique? Are there any alternative applications that are available of the idea you are thinking about? What importance would your application hold in your market? Once, you answer all these questions for yourself and have a clear idea about your app, you may move further.
  • Working on the Interface of your application – When you are clear about your idea, you need to think about how you want your application to look. This gets you into development and designing. What features that you want on your app, what theme do you want your application based on? You might need help from your developer and designer during the process. Once you decide on the interface, you can move further.
  • Development of a code – Once you decide the interface, the formation of code begins. It is one of the most critical and foundational steps towards the formation of your application. Your developer develops a code according to your interface.
  • Running of various tests – once the code is made, your application is ready. Now it goes through various tests to check if there are any bugs or if the app needs any fixing. Once the problems are found, they are fixed by the team. This is the final step in the construction of your app.
  • Application Launch – When all the back-end work is done, you can finally launch your app on whatever platform you like for example google or iOS.
  • Marketing of the application – When your application is launched, you can market it according to your wish. It can be through social media, friends or any other way that you prefer.

Now when you know what process would you be going through while you develop your idea into a mobile application, let’s look at various platforms that are available to you for the development of your app.
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most popular mobile application platforms. While Apple’s iOS runs on all iPhone and iPad devices, several OEMs use Google’s Android to construct their smartphones and other devices.

Although there are many parallels and differences when designing an app for both platforms, there are also many distinctions. Separate software development kits (SDKs) and development toolchains are required for iOS and Android development. While iOS is exclusive to Apple devices, Google makes Android open to any company that meets its requirements. Several developers produce several apps every day by targeting both platforms.

There are also various types of mobile applications based on their development. These are namely:

  • Native mobile applications – These are the applications that are made for a particular operating system. For example, an application made through XCode or Objective-C only works on iOS. For Android application development, Eclipse and Java are used amongst many others.
  • HTML5 Apps – Apps built with this framework are cross-platform compatible and just require small tweaks to operate on any operating system.
  • Hybrid Apps – Hybrid mobile apps are released as app installation packages and are built using traditional web technologies including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

So, this is the basic information you need to have before heading towards any app development. We at our firm provide all these services at the best rates. We have a team of experts who have been working in the field for many years now and have a good hand at application development. Hire us today if you are planning to realize your idea into an application!

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